Minecraft Hosting so powerful.
You could play on the moon.

Why choose Moon Servers?

Growing your minecraft community is our top priority.
With premium hosting, affordable plans, dedicated support and much more!

Servers Never Sleep

You probably heard about 100% uptime before. At moon servers you can really take our word for it.

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team is always here for you. Twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days of the year.

Gifts of Gratitude

Every month 1 of every 100 members receive a gift! This month, winners will receive a 3D printed moon lamp!

Cloud Backups

Always feel good, knowing we run backups every day to make sure you never have to lose your server, user or map data.

DDoS Protection

All servers are equipped with 3.4Tbps DDoS protection, so you can sleep well knowing your server is protected.

We Give Back

Our team cares about the future of humanity. 5-10% of all profits go to the Enviromental Defense Foundation.

Multi-User Support

Running a server shouldn't be complicated. With our servers, you can give access to people who you trust running your server with.

Knowledgeable Developers

Most minecraft hosting companies are ran by people who never ran a minecraft server. Our team has been part of the growing minecraft community since December of 2011.

Fast Connection Speed

1Gbps of speed, making it one of the greatest connections in the industry. Taking minecraft server hosting to the next level.


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